Demolition in Manchester is a critical aspect of the city's ever-evolving landscape. As the city undergoes transformation and regeneration, professional demolition services play a pivotal role in clearing old structures to make way for new developments. Manchester's rich industrial history, combined with its vibrant contemporary growth, calls for skilled demolition experts who can navigate the unique challenges presented by a mix of heritage and modern structures. Safety, precision, and environmental considerations are paramount in this process, ensuring that demolition not only clears space but does so sustainably. Demolition companies in Manchester are equipped with the expertise and technology needed to carry out these tasks efficiently, contributing to the city's growth and urban renewal while preserving its historical character....Explore our comprehensive list of Demolition services in Manchester. Our curated selection features expert demolition companies equipped to handle a wide range of projects, from small-scale deconstruction to large-scale urban renewal initiatives. These professionals in Manchester bring the expertise and precision needed to ensure safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible demolition processes. Whether it's clearing space for new developments, repurposing existing structures, or addressing safety concerns, our list offers a trusted resource for finding the right demolition specialists in Manchester. Discover a range of solutions tailored to meet your demolition needs, contributing to the city's transformation and growth while preserving its historical and architectural heritage.

1Manchester Demolition

Manchester Demolition

Manchester Demolition is a leading provider of CDM (Construction, Design, and Management) compliant demolition services in Greater Manchester and its environs. Their expertise extends to asbestos removal, soft strips, and enabling works. With a strong commitment to safety and regulatory compliance, they ensure that demolition projects are executed in accordance with the highest industry standards, prioritizing both worker and public safety. Whether it’s clearing sites for new construction, addressing environmental concerns, or repurposing existing structures, Manchester Demolition’s professionalism and expertise guarantee the efficient and responsible completion of tasks. They play a crucial role in reshaping Manchester’s urban landscape while adhering to strict safety and environmental regulations.

Name Manchester Demolition
Contact No. 441615466814
Address Colony 5, Piccadilly, Manchester M1 3BR, United Kingdom
Social Media Facebook, twitter, instagram
Services offered Bathroom remodeling
Payment Mode Cash, Visa, Master Card
Working Hours Monday- Friday : 8am–7pm Saturday : 8:30am–7pm Sunday : 9am–8pm
Review on Facebook – “5 stars highly recommended demolition company very fast friendly service highly recommended will use again” – Josh Thorne

2Vale Park Demolition

Vale Park Demolition

In the demolition sector, Vale Park Demolition is a well-known brand, renowned for its extensive services that include site clearance, destruction, and dismantling. They serve customers in the UK and the North West from their Manchester-based business. They put the health and safety of their employees and the general public first when working on demolition projects. Projects are completed effectively and ethically because to Vale Park Demolition’s knowledge and competence, whether they include handling hazardous materials, demolishing buildings, or clearing industrial sites. While following strict safety and environmental rules, they make a substantial contribution to altering urban environments and supporting sustainable redevelopment.

Name Vale Park Demolition
Contact No. 441615312854
Address Industrial Estate, 11 Vale Park Way, Hazelbottom Rd, Crumpsall, Manchester M8 0GF, United Kingdom
Social Media N/A
Services offered Industrial demolition,Demolition and Asbestos,Concrete demolition
Payment Mode Mastercard, Visa, Cash
Working Hours Monday- Sunday : 7am–8pm
Review on Google – “Richie and his team at Vale Park Demolition certainly pull out all the stops. They have completed a variety of tasks from the smallest removing asbestos off site to the complete demolition of warehouses. I cannot recommend them enough, Always stick to the budget and timescale” – Andy Mcclements

3KDC Veolia Decommissioning Services UK Ltd

KDC Veolia Decommissioning Services UK Ltd

Veolia is at the forefront of delivering Ecological Transformation, focusing on decarbonization, depollution, and resource generation for its clients. Their solutions are characterized by their simplicity, scalability, and quantifiability. Veolia takes pride in demonstrating tangible, real-world outcomes, which ensure transparency and accountability in their operations. By joining forces with Veolia, you become part of a collective effort to create a cleaner and healthier planet for all. Their mission of “Resourcing the world for future generations” underscores their commitment to sustainable practices and preserving Earth’s resources for the well-being and prosperity of generations to come. Veolia’s ecological approach plays a vital role in addressing today’s environmental challenges.

Name KDC Veolia Decommissioning Services UK Ltd
Contact No. 441619472150
Address Sharston Green Business Park, 1 Robeson Way, Manchester M22 4SW, United Kingdom
Social Media Facebook, instagram, linkedin
Services offered Complete site demolition,Debris removal,High reach demolition
Payment Mode Cash, MasterCard ,Visa
Working Hours Monday- Sunday : 8am–10pm
Review on Google – “What a lovely receptionist,very accommadating,in every sense of the word ,1st class”- Antony Wakefield

4PP O’Connor Ltd

PP O’Connor Ltd

PP O’Connor specializes in a wide range of construction services, including civil engineering, bulk earthworks, remediation, complex demolition and deconstruction, sustainable disposal, and aggregate supply. With the addition of a new minor construction works division, they offer a comprehensive construction solution from project inception to successful completion. Their expertise and experience enable them to handle diverse aspects of construction, ensuring that projects are efficiently and effectively managed. PP O’Connor is a reliable partner for clients seeking a full-service construction solution, demonstrating a commitment to delivering quality results and contributing to the successful realization of various construction projects.

Name PP O’Connor Ltd
Contact No. 441617760333
Address 61 Mosley Rd, Trafford Park, Stretford, Manchester M17 1GJ, United Kingdom
Social Media N/A
Services offered Complete site demolition,Debris removal,Construction Contractor,Waste Management
Payment Mode Cash, Mastercard, Visa
Working Hours Monday- Sunday : Open 24 hours
Review on Google -“Credit to PP O’Conner and the other companies who worked beside them to finish off the monstrosity on Regent Road. If only people could understand the whole project before hand went bell up from the previous construction company who one day just decided to go in the Administration!! This company had to takeover somebodies project and start from scratch – The company worked tirelessly throughout days and nights to get the job done. People should appreciate what this company have achieved” – Nicholas C

5Connell Bros Ltd

Connell Bros Ltd

Connell Bros Ltd is a renowned leader in the demolition industry. With a wealth of experience, they expertly manage every aspect of the demolition process, ensuring safety and strict compliance with regulations. Their skilled team excels in safely dismantling and disposing of buildings, structures, and materials, employing state-of-the-art techniques and environmentally responsible practices. Whether it’s a complex industrial site or a residential project, Connell Bros Ltd approaches every job with precision, prioritizing safety and minimizing environmental impact. Their commitment to excellence and their track record in delivering successful demolitions make them the go-to choice for clients seeking reliable, compliant, and expertly managed demolition services.

Name Connell Bros Ltd
Contact No. 441619250606
Address Orchard St S, Salford M6 6FL, United Kingdom
Social Media youtube, linedin
Services offered Concrete demolition,Debris removal,Industrial demolition,Building Demolition
Payment Mode Cash, Visa, Mastercard
Working Hours Monday- Friday : 8am–7pm Saturday : 9am–5pm Sunday : 10am–4pm
Review on Google -“I have worked with Connell Brothers Ltd for the past year as a contractor and I would go as far to say that they are one of the best companies I have worked for. Over that period we have built a fantastic working relationship and it has been a pleasure doing business with them. I look forward to hopefully working with them for many years to come!” – Paul Cowley (PixelCriminals)

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